Well it's almost finished. October 2009 we purchased an apartment here in Sao Paulo. It's 30 years old and as you will see from the before photo's needed a complete overhaul. The kitchen the most important room in the house was hidden filled with sickly yellow floral tiles and required a touch of genius to bring it back to life. Well sometimes inspiration strikes while you are sleeping and everything comes together quickly. Not in our case it was a 6 month process to finalize the design as there are walls that just can't be moved without the apartment block falling down so needless to say they had to stay. When you have a long list of things that just have to be in the Kitchen to fit them all into a small space with an intelligent workable design takes time. After seeing many kitchen designers we finally got it all worked out with out Architect ..Lilian Wexler.  Below i will go through the items in the Kitchen which for me are all must haves when you are designing a your dream kitchen from scratch. This should help any of you who are going through this process and may give you some ideas you haven't thought about. Also please fee free to ask any advice as i now consider myself a bit of a kitchen expert after having a major hand in designing and supervising the construction of entire apartment. I find that the architects are great but you really need to think about how you use your kitchen and what for to get it to be as functional as possible for your daily needs.
Kitchen Elements:
Benchtops: Granite, Sao Gabriel - Pedras Karina
Splashbacks: Cabernet Tempered Glass - XXXXVidro
Cabinets: Lower- MDF with  and Upper - Black Glass
Oven:Brastemp gourmand Vapour
Cooktop/ Range 1: (5 head gas range)
Cooktop/ Range 2: Thermidor Induction 3,300 watts
Sink 1: Stainless steel single bowl 32inch X XX inch X inch deep
Sink 2: Corrian pearl grey
In Built water filter : Springway
In built rubbish bin 13L: Franke
Wall Racks: 32" X2 Calphalon
Paper Towel Holder
Knife Magnet

In some way, my father without intending to, got me excited about food.
Not with any recipes (which i still berate him about) that he should have learnt from my grandfather who was a master baker, but with his view of food.  "If it's in the kitchen it's there to be eaten".
Maybe this is something you should not tell a child with an endless appetite for everything but it certainly propelled my interest in food from the first time i heard those words. At times mum definitely didn't like this policy as her Herrings, Rollmops, Saith cuttings, Danish biscuits and anything chocolate were fair game and lucky to last two days in our home.

Even worse when i was 16 i trained with the Olympic weightlifting team and i think our shopping bill doubled. I would love to come home and eat an entire chicken for dinner. I still remember training so hard that i could hardly walk after finishing training due to exhaustion.

Eating without doubt is one of life's most important and pleasurable activities. Whoever disagrees try going without it for a few months.
I believe we should embrace and enjoy it. Food always tastes better when enjoyed with company. "Food is social sex" and who doesn't like sex! Food and cooking have always been an integral part of my life.

So since i was old enough to kick my mum out of the Kitchen i have been madly experimenting and creating or recreating dishes that i had eaten outside the home. I guess, most ten year old boys liked to take things apart and put them back together again. I liked doing this as well, but most of all, i wanted to know how to put together different ingredients and make something special.
Making the result better than the sum of it's parts has always inspired me. I hope that some of what i have placed here will help to inspire you as well.  I believe you don't need to be a chef or foodie to appreciate or enjoy creating things in your kitchen.

I still believe that the best food doesn't come out of the best or most expensive restaurants.  I have been to some of the best restaurants and the food was good of course but really didn't compare to food made with love at home.

I have been blessed to have grown up in a multicultural society and having Greek, Russian, Indian, Chinese, and Vietnamese, friends got to regularly eat the wonderful foods that came out of their mothers and grandmothers kitchens. Recipes handed down over generations that brought you to another world as the food entered your mouth. Also having worked in Peru and Brazil cooking with people who have no qualifications only having cooked for 40+ years of their lives every day. So if practice makes perfect they have perfected their dishes twice over.